One of our Murray Energy cases featured in a segment about coal jobs on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO.

John Oliver discusses one of our cases against Murray Energy where our clients spoke out for safety in the workplace and exercised their First Amendment rights by writing on their paychecks. The miners wrote “Kiss my ass, Bob” and “Eat shit, Bob!” on their checks to protest a “bonus” program that they believed compromised safety.…

Defamation Case May Proceed Against Employer

Another Victory for Workers. Employers cannot intrude upon the private lives of their employees without being held accountable. The Law Office of Rachel Hanna, on behalf of a coal miner that alleges wrongful discharge, successfully preserved defamation, assault, and wrongful imprisonment causes of action against Murray Energy. See the Judge’s Order Here. marioncountyorderdefamation Here is…

Top 10 Truths About Forced Arbitration

1. Forced arbitration denies workers access to our country’s civil justice system. 2. Forced arbitration is not voluntary. 3. Forced arbitration does not require the worker’s informed consent. 4. Forced arbitration is a result of the unequal bargaining relationship between individual workers and their employers. 5. Workers lose more often, win smaller awards, and spend…

Prevent Employer Retaliation and Discrimination

The Law Office of Rachel Hanna filed suit against Murray Energy on behalf of a coal miner formerly employed by Marion County Coal Co. 


We alleged retaliation and discrimination against our client’s employer and additional defendants.



Here is the Complaint: watkinsccomplaintforfilingmarioncounty